About Me


Welcome to Bilingual Mommy Life! This is the part where I tell you about why I’m doing this and maybe a little about myself. So here’s me:


Yeah, literally couldn’t find a picture of me without my son ?

As a new mommy, I find almost daily that there is some kind of new surprise in store for me. Be it a mile stone that my son reaches, a new technique for raising babies that seems to be common knowledge to everyone but me, or simply the magnitude of love I feel for somebody so tiny. I know, I’m a mush, but the point is that I can’t be alone in these daily surprises, and I hope this blog can help others who are flailing about out there one surprise at a time.

As an aspiring teacher and now a bilingual mommy, I also hope to start writing about teaching and learning for multilingual learners, and even my own son’s linguistic development.  If anything, this blog will give me the excuse to do all of the research I have been putting on the back burner! I plan to use this not only to talk about mommyhood, but also to start expanding my teaching horizons. Ultimately I want to try out some fun learning activities and hopefully get your feedback!

So those are my reasons. To tell you a bit about myself, I am in my last year of my undergraduate degree in Childhood Education, and I just became a mommy this past June! Next year I hope to be in a Master’s degree program for either TESOL or bilingual education (along with having this blog thing under control ?). I speak Spanish at a high-intermediate/Advanced level, working towards fluency every day. My husband is Honduran, and we are trying to raise our son bilingually. I have some very strong beliefs about this (informed by research), and will undoubtedly be posting about them at some point! Be on the look out ?. I will also be gearing up for the edTPA in the Spring, so any aspiring NY teachers out there can stay tuned for posts about my experiences (if I don’t get overwhelmed ?). I will try to keep things as balanced between baby things and teacher things as I can because I have come to consider both to be equal passions in my life.

So that’s me! If there is ever anything you as a reader hope to find on this blog please don’t hesitate to contact me!


God bless ?


You can reach me at caitlinameliatorres@gmail.com